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As we start to inch our way closer and closer to the holidays, you’ll be glad that I shared today’s guest with you.


Sidney is a talented woodworker, and in this episode, he shares his transition into small business. I love his practical tips for small business owners and, most importantly, the passion that he has for his craft. 


I love that in our amazing country, you can go from serving in the military to creating your dream job. I pray that Sidney’s journey into small business helps others to realize their dreams.  His family-owned business has also inspired his young son Nathan to pursue his passion and start his own business.  I can’t wait to share his story with you!


It doesn’t happen the same for everyone, but if you allow yourself to try new hobbies, you might just find the one that lights you up. A lot of businesses start that same way.  How amazing is it that you can try a new hobby and end up discovering you have a passion for it?  Isn’t that why we are told to expose young children to many things while they are young?  That doesn’t have to stop at a certain age.  We can continue to try new things and maybe, along the way, find our side-hustle.


If you’re able to create a small business all while keeping your day job, you won’t be putting so much pressure on your side-hustle to be your “everything.” With a lot of hard work, dedication, and planning, your small business could become your primary income source in due time.
You might find that your grueling 9-5 becomes less terrible if it’s the thing providing you with insurance and the security of a steady income.


Sidney’s 15% off offer is available with code CARES1. With the holiday’s around the corner, you’ll want to take a look at his shop soon! I can’t wait to mark a few things off of my wish list! I’m grateful to all the guests that have extended offers to you, the listeners/reader. Soon I’ll be putting together a compilation of all past offers, so stay tuned for that! I’ll see you next time!!



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