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Marketing Plan
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I have a question for you…have you been struggling with your marketing strategies? Or do you feel overwhelmed by all of the options available in terms of social media platforms?

Ep 18

In today’s show, Rob will share his marketing tips and explain how he implements his past entrepreneurial experience in his current position as VP of marketing and sales for Veloci Performance Products.

Robert Bridgeforth-Veloci Performance

He was brought on to expand visibility for their consumer-facing line and, he not only created awareness but in just a few short years has already grown this segment to just shy of 7 figures.

Marketing Plan

I love that Rob took the skills that he perfected as a small business owner and applied them to his current role as VP of sales and marketing.

tips to improve marketing plan

Small Business

Don’t take for granted the amount of determination that it takes to run a small business successfully.  It’s easy to dismiss your actions or daily activities as just part of what it takes.  Still, it’s the ability to try new things until it works that not only creates great work ethic, but it makes you a valuable employee if you ever chose to go back into the traditional workforce, I promise it will set you apart! 

tips to improve marketing handmade ceo

It was precisely that ambition to succeed that gives Rob the advantage to be successful in marketing.  I loved his transparency about what platforms to use too.  It can feel like you’re falling behind if you’re not posting on all social media platforms, and then there’s that dreaded horror of another platform being born. 

how to improve your marketing plan handmade ceo. podcast

I agree with Rob’s advice to embrace the platform that you’re most on and concentrate on mastering that one first by showing up authentically and with passion!  I know I’ll be making some updates to my social media plan after this discussion!  

how to improve your marketing plan handmade ceo. podcast

Here are the links where you can follow Rob and maybe even pick up an order of foam canon! I really think this could replace my weekly car wash routine!


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