The Secret to Writing a Book-Ashley Mansour

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the secret to writing a book
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the secret to writing a book

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Have you ever thought about writing a book? It’s mind-blowing to think that there are so many great book ideas floating around the world that are yet to be written down.

how to write a book

If you struggle to put pen to paper…you won’t want to miss today’s conversation with International Best Selling Author

Ashley Mansour.  


I love that Ashley has broken down the writing experience into a strategic plan. 

There is no better way to tackle a new endeavor than to break it down into manageable steps. And if you don’t have a lot of experience writing, I believe this will be the thing that will keep you from experiencing frustration. 

Ashley is offering a free e-book on her website to help you start writing in just seven days.

I can’t wait to hear about your writing journey!  Leave a comment or send me a message.



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