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Age Old Tradition
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Have you ever been frustrated by your options? I know that’s a general question, but truly this is where most new ideas are born.

Age Old Tradition

In today’s show, my guest Megan shares how she created a beautiful site that is rethinking the age old tradition bridal registry.  In our interview, she discusses where the dream for this site was born, and she also gives excellent tips to all the handmade artisans looking to expand their reach selling online. 

Age Old Tradition

 I’m intrigued by the idea that so many age old tradition that we take part in could use a new and tasteful approach. 

Age Old Tradition

Much like the Dowry decided to give the otherwise generic registry a boost in personality, there are many areas where change would be happily welcomed, imagine the possibilities! 

Age Old Tradition

Megan had so many great tips for us in this episode.  From pricing your items correctly to making sure your branding is consistent, these tips are things that we all have to face and conquer if we want to have a successful business.

Age Old Tradition the dowry gift registry

Megan is offering 10% off at The Dowry from June 15-August 15, 2020.  Use code HANDMADECEO-TAKE10 at checkout.

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Age Old Tradition
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  • What a great show and great idea! Your interview was crisp, professional, and followed up with extended details that filled in any gaps. I have now visited the dowry site and love it. Megan has created a much needed business, one I plan to use for many sorts of gifts. And the social responsibility is a bonus!

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