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Thank you for tuning in to episode 113! This short and sweet solo episode will change the way that you look at obstacles. This tiny little change to your mindset will open up a world of possibilities. Make sure to share this episode with a friend because sharing is caring, and seriously, there’s not a person alive that wouldn’t benefit from today’s tip!

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Imagine you find yourself in need of money. Let’s say that number is more than what you would have in spare change and maybe too large of an amount to ask a friend for. For the sake of this example, we will pretend we want this for money to purchase a $700 airline ticket to go on vacation. It’s easy enough to say let’s charge that ticket on a credit card and start packing, but what if that was not an option? The large majority of people will realize that the money isn’t there and move on to putting this trip on their bucket list. But what if we took the approach of asking a few questions?

It turns out that our brains are always looking for problems to solve. Our prefrontal cortex works in harmony with our anterior cingulate cortex to assess solutions to overcome daily hurdles. Okay, so it’s a bit more involved and complicated than that, but you get the idea. If we ask a question, our brains look for answers! It is honestly that simple. So instead of sitting back and accepting that $700.00 isn’t in the budget right now. What if we looked at a few questions that could help us get to that vacation! What if instead of saying, “I don’t have the money right now,” we asked, “what can I do to make an extra $700?” “what am I willing to do to earn that extra money?” We need to ask several questions because you may not look beyond the obvious. Are you willing to work weekends? Run sales to increase volume? Sell items that you no longer need on platforms like eBay, Facebook, Poshmark, etc. Are you willing to curb your spending? Cut out membership? When you ask the questions, your mind will take over and try to find a solution. Maybe you use a combination of these solutions. The idea is to give your mind the space to come up with opportunities that would never ever come to light if we didn’t ask these probing questions.

The more questions that we ask, the more solutions we conjure up. The fun part is weeding through this brainstorming session and picking a few viable options to focus on. The best part is that you can do this for any challenge that comes your way! So the next time you find yourself in a situation where your heart feels a bit let down, and your initial thought is that it’s not in the cards right now, give yourself five minutes to ponder through some questions and see if you change your mind! At the very least, asking questions will lead to finding solutions and might expose some great ideas to implement into your life or business. I’m always a huge fan of making a plan and implementing steps to achieve a goal! I feel that with just a few trial runs, you’ll soon be asking a lot of questions too!

Let’s not forget that when we were children, we all had an innately curious mind that was constantly asking questions. It was our way of understanding the world around us. We gathered as much information as possible. Somewhere along the way, we stopped asking so many questions. Sometimes we take setbacks at face value, but it’s the art of challenging those setbacks that will set us apart. The next time there’s a failure in your business, don’t forget to ask ALL the questions, and please don’t forget to highlight the lessons learned! Between hurdles, failures, and questions, I promise you’ll find the light and a few solutions!

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