Talking Hashtag Strategies with Paulina Masson

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I first met Paulina through her online program, the Hashtag Mastery Summit.  I was impressed with the valuable content and the format of the courses.  I knew she would be an ideal expert to learn from and was elated that she was able to join me for an interview.  

Tips & Reality

This episode is full of great tips with a much-appreciated dose of reality.  Paulina shares her success story in selling her business for seven figures, just three years after she had created it.  


We talk about everything from being productive to ways to keep the so-called work-life balance in check!  She also includes a valuable pricing tip at the very end.  So, if you’re looking for inspiration to keep your small business journey on the right path, you’ve come to the right place!

Keep Learning

Paulina has had a significant amount of success but admits that not everything in her business was perfect before selling it. Even today, she is learning new ways to increase traffic to her latest passion project – See You in Kusadasi, the Instagram site that she runs with her husband.

Small Steps

One of the most valuable tips that Paulina gave us today was to keep moving forward with small steps. I couldn’t agree more. The journey will look different for most of us, but the daily effort to climb to the top looks similar.

Let me know what you think of the course, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Hashtag Mastery Course



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