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Marketing Plan

Tips to Improve Your Marketing Plan

Marketing I have a question for you…have you been struggling with your marketing strategies? Or do you feel overwhelmed by all of the options available in terms of social media platforms? Ep 18 In today’s show, Rob will share his marketing tips and...

Planning for Success

Planning for Success in a Digital World

So what are digital products? Can you keep your business planning for success or alive and thriving during a difficult season?  How easy is it to convert a portion of your business into a digital offering? In a world filled with so many electronics...

Test the Market

How to Test the Market & One Month Recap

Thank you for tuning in to episode 4 of the Handmade CEO.  I am sooo thrilled to have gotten the first month of podcasting in the books and I’m beyond grateful for all of you who have tuned in.  It’s been amazing to hear the stories that I’ll be...