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sulf creative strategies for success
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Sulf Creative on Handmade CEO podcast

Today’s guest Ana is sharing her journey into creating her business Sulf Creative.


Ana from Sulf Creative on the Handmade CEO podcast

If you’ve ever felt like your area of interest is too saturated or you feel like maybe you’ve exhausted all options, you’ll want to hear Ana’s tips for finding your corner of the internet.



 In the interview, we touched on the reality that most fields are saturated. Yet, they produce distinctly different products.

The idea is to create something that is unique by design rather than searching for a unique idea. 

Sulf Creative on the Handmade CEO podcast


When I stumble across a website that is difficult to understand, my first thought is could the elderly navigate this? I love that Ana and her partner create sites with the most complicated user in mind.

Another amazing point that Ana brought up is that you need to know your niche inside and out to discover a different approach to a solution.

That only comes from sitting with a project, a product, or a service for a very long time. Don’t abandon the ship before you arrive, but as Ana points out, use metrics to guide you.

It’s equally as devastating to stay on a path that is not showing any rewards. By adding a measuring tool, you remove all of the feeling or attachment, and you base your decision to stay with it or move on solely on numbers!

Do you have any tips to protect the time spent on a new project?


Ana is offering a free 40 minute consultation which can be used as a product audit or product strategy!


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