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Dyiah Marketing Social Marketing Tips
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Maria Laurin


If you’ve ever felt the overwhelm of launching a new course or marketing yourself on Instagram, Dyiah is here to break it down for you, so it’s no longer complicated!


Today’s episode is not only full of great tips, but it also provides practical steps that you can take to step up your social media game!


I know a lot of us try to DIY all aspects of being a small business owner. Depending on what your craft is or what your home life looks like, you may be able to run your business and produce great content.


Being a successful online seller of services or products will depend on how visible your brand is and how you reach your audience. If you calculate how much time you’re investing or toiling over your posting or lack thereof, you might find that hiring a social media specialist is your best investment.

I hope you’ll take a minute to consider what you’re social reach goals are, and if you’re able to hire a professional, I’m willing to bet that will be money well spent!

Have you already hired a social media expert?  I would love to hear how it’s changed your business!



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