Sharing Your Message With Confidence – Sean Tyler Foley

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Sharing Your Message With Confidence
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Sharing Your Message With Confidence

Thank you for tuning in to episode 80!


What does it take to be a good storyteller, and how can this impact your business? Today’s guest shares how he discovered his gift for storytelling and how he’s helping business owners transform their message into one that resonates with their clients.

Sean Tyler Foley

In this episode, Sean explains the importance of finding your “why” and making that the basis for your story. Although each journey is different, sharing our trials will help to connect us with our target audience.


A simple story can teach, encourage, or inspire. When spoken from the heart, your experiences can reach your audience in a way that facts and numbers just can’t!

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy learning more from Sean, so be sure to connect with him by visiting his site, and don’t forget to preorder his book The Power to Speak Naked.

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