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Q&A With My Favorite Attorney
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Q&A With My Favorite Attorney

Thank you for tuning in to episode 68! Have you ever wondered if you should trademark your business name? Or if your products should carry a warning or disclosure?

NH Legal

Today’s guest will answer all of your legal questions, and the best part…she is soooo down to earth and approachable!


If you’ve ever felt intimidated to contact an attorney, I think Nuzaiyra will put your worries to rest, and the best part, she works virtually!

I love that Nuzaiyra has made law a fun thing to share.

She’s taken a field that has traditionally been a struggle for small business owners to approach and has given everyone the key to understanding the basics.

Copyright Attorney

It’s so important to have your bases covered when you’re getting into business, especially when it comes to the legalities that are sometimes difficult to understand.

Be sure to connect with Nuzayra…I promise you’ll thank me for this one later!



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