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Kaya Soaps on the Handmade CEO podcast
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Maria Laurin


Kaya Soaps on Handmade CEO podcasted

Although I officially wrapped up season 1 last week, I wanted to share the most downloaded episode of season 1 in the creative small business category. Episode 5 was one of my first interviews with the very talented Priya. After finding herself with more time on her hands as an empty nester, Priya and her husband dove headfirst to create their successful family business Kaya Soaps.


Kaya Soaps on the Handmade CEO podcast

A combination of a childhood memory, her love of lavender, and her new found time to be creative sparked her business idea!


Priya sells her beautiful products on multiple platforms like Etsy and Amazon Handmade.


There are many times in life when you’ll find yourself in a transitional phase, something that is unlike your usual routine. Whether it’s finding extra time as an empty nester, more time at home due to covid, or maybe your kids are finally at school full time. Whatever your new phase in life, before you arrive at that place, take the time to daydream about the new possibilities. 

Kaya Soaps-successful home based business


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Every significant life change presents itself with a challenge that needs your creative solution or time that can be filled by fulfilling your dream.

What are your big dreams for the upcoming month?



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