Minor Investment Yields 100K+ in Passive Income

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Minor Investment
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Maria Laurin
From 20K-100K+

In episode 27 of the Handmade CEO, Nancy shared how she took a passive income stream from 20K a year to over 100K+ in a matter of a few years. She has so many valuable tips to share and I know you’ll walk away with actionable steps to apply to your business.

Minor Investment

The Journey

Nancy’s journey started when she purchased downloadable invites for her wedding.  This sparked an idea, and she was able to teach herself how to create a shop on Etsy selling printable quotes.  Over time her business evolved, and she is now teaching others how to create a passive income Etsy shop.


I love that Nancy is looking for ways to continue to share her knowledge and also improve her own skills.  In every situation that we become an expert, we have the opportunity to become the teacher.  This method has clearly proven to be fruitful in Nancy’s journey from learning how to create digital products to teaching how to sell them. 

Minor Investment

Invest in Yourself

I hope you continue to invest in your knowledge and come to enjoy the journey of learning.  Be sure to check the show notes for the links to Nancy’s course and pages.  I’ll see you next time!

Click to visit Nancy’s Blog
Etsy Course
Art Printable Course

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  • Maria,

    I am so thankful that you had me in your podcast. Thank you for letting me share my experience as an Etsy Coach and most all my journey. It was great chatting with you and getting to meet another amazing entreprenuer. I am wishing you all the success!

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