Is Your Business Ready for Affiliate Marketing?

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are you ready for affiliate marketing?
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are you ready for affiliate marketing?

Thank you for tuning in to episode 77!

Have you ever wondered what affiliate marketing is all about? Who should hire an affiliate marketing firm? Do they find influencers for you? What are the benefits vs. other forms of marketing?

Rick-Affiliate Marketing Expert

Rick created Bearcat Media, as a way to help business owners with their affiliate marketing strategies. It pays off to hire an expert to help set up the process correctly from the beginning.

I loved learning all about this form of marketing.  In essence, you’re taking an already established audience and introducing them to your products or services. This form of marketing is in reach for everyone, whether small or large. I would definitely take Ricks’s advice and set aside a portion of your marketing budget for affiliate marketing.

Rick has two offers for you!

1. Free access to the Affiliate Management Expo (https://www.affiliatemanagementexpo.com/home) – Sign up for a VIP pass, use the code: HANDMADECEO and get it for free. It includes 20 videos sessions from affiliate industry experts on topics of how to successfully run an affiliate program. 
2. If you’re interested in starting an affiliate program you can get a FREE 30-minute consultation and if you want to move forward we’ll set up a program for just $500 (normally a $1500 value).



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