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Driven Pottery
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Have you ever wondered if the market is too saturated to sell the pieces that you’re making?  To sell the services that you’re offering?  In episode 10 of the Handmade CEO, I interviewed Osa Atoe of Pottery by Osa.  This was just one of the questions that Osa and I discussed during this podcast interview.

It may feel like a sea of people are creating what you’re making, but here’s the funny thing, you only notice this because of frequency illusion or recency illusion.  In other words, you tend to see the thing driven pottery that you most recently started to focus on.

Passion Driven Pottery - Pottery by Osa (Driven Pottery)

If you genuinely have a passion for pursuing drawing, lettering, pottery, beading, then you should.  The driven pottery odds are that not everyone and their brother are doing it too, and besides, you’ll bring your own distinctive flavor to the table.

Passion Driven Pottery - Pottery by Osa (Driven Pottery)

Each experience, memory, childhood, and emotion that we carry will come out in your work.  You’ll create out of that space and find that your pieces are just as unique as you are.

Passion Driven Pottery - Pottery by Osa (Driven Pottery)

If you’re having a difficult time finding your style, take some time to discover what colors you like, what shapes move you, what era is you enjoy most?  Creating something that is derived from your individual tastes will be the thing that determines your signature style.

Passion Driven Pottery - Pottery by Osa (Driven Pottery)

Click on the link below to visit Osa’s site and to purchase a beautiful heirloom piece of functional art!

Pottery by Osa (Driven Pottery)
Pottery by Osa

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