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Today’s guest John Vuong from Local SEO Search is here to simplify that mysterious thing we call SEO.  


In simple terms, it means search engine optimization, but what was never clear to me in the past became crystal clear in this interview.  We discussed the importance of winning your customer by being a thought leader instead of ads, defining your ideal avatar, creating your own space in your niche, and so many more things relating to SEO and your website’s visibility.


 To demystify SEO, you’ll need to accurately pinpoint who your target audience is and how you can serve them.  Once you’ve defined who you are and who you’re selling to, selecting the right SEO words will be a breeze. If you’re thinking of hiring someone to optimize your site, or maybe you’ll go at it alone, be sure to listen to John’s tips to be certain that you’re getting the results you want. 


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