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rank higher on google
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rank higher on google

Thank you for tuning in to episode 86! There’s a time to embrace DIY projects, and then there’s the time to hand it over to the experts! Today’s guest gives you the option of doing either one.  


If you’ve been wondering what it takes to rank higher on Google, you’ve come to the right place!

Eric Seropyan Rank Higher with SEO

Eric’s knowledge of SEO and his simple way of explaining it gave me a whole new perspective on the importance of hiring an expert. More importantly, it made me realize it isn’t just about using the correct tags in a post!

I would consider myself a DIY enthusiast. I love to learn a new skill, create, and most of all, I love to see the finished product and bonus points if I can see my results right away.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know if you’re optimizing every area of your website with SEO if you don’t know what to look for AND it is definitely not a game of instant gratification! I definitely see the value in hiring an SEO expert in this area and would rather invest my time creating!  

Are you a DIY fanatic too?




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