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Travel the World
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In episode 19, we’ll hear what it’s been like to have a career full of adventure through film. Have you ever met a person that is so aligned with their purpose that they seem to exude gratitude and happiness?

Travel the World

Five years ago, as we celebrated a friend’s birthday, I struck up a conversation with today’s guest Greg. Although Greg mentions in this interview how his business has changed since I started meeting with him two days a week, I have to admit that it has been a whirlwind of experiences for me too.

Travel the World

From working with award-winning Grammy artists to film producers and doctors that are changing the face of medicine, I have yet to see another career path that is more diverse than Greg’s.

Travel the World

I think Greg’s greatest gift is seeing the potential in others and finding a way to apply that to his business. When you are aligned with your purpose, you become a person of generosity, and you’re able to pursue your dreams.

Travel the World

The biggest takeaway for me was that in a Travel the World filled with many options and career choices, look for the one that strikes an inner chord, and pursue that. Regarding a video, it is one of the quickest ways to build trust with your audience. It has the biggest return on investment, and nearly 70% of consumers prefer to watch a video than to read about you or your business.

Travel the World

If you’re just getting started, Greg suggests using anything from your phone to an inexpensive camera, take a look at the software that is free and readily available on your phone or computer. Focus on having even natural lighting and good sound quality. The idea is to get your business or product out for the travel the world to see.

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  • I have worked on many sets as a photographer for Greg Bizzaro’s video’s. He is a great guy and friend. He is great at what he does, and seamlessly makes everyone on set all work together like a professional, cohesive unit.

  • Great post.
    I am also a photographer and trying to do some video proyects now. Thanks for encouraging the new camera men yo start their projects, even if it is a small one.
    Big hug from Peru. (Hope You have already visited this beautiful country)

    • Hi Arturo…I’m happy you found it encouraging. I have not visited Peru and I’m pretty sure Greg has not either. It has always been on my list to visit! Maybe soon 🙂

      • I am with you Maria and looking forward to seeing Peru and very high on my list. I have never been South of the equator and South America, Peru and Brazil are top. Thanks Arturo.

  • Thanks Maria for a great interview! I have always admired Greg’s work, wheather it be a music video, or one on one interviews, i really think hes enormously talented, as are you! He makes me wish i could do it too!! I think he could realky lend his exlerience to someone who is starting out! Well done!

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