How to Create a Vision Board

vision board

Ahhh…The Vision Board

I love a good vision board!  It’s motivating to have all of your main goals on one page as a visual reminder.  This year I created a digital vision board, I printed one in A5 size for my planner, and another in 8.5×11 to go on my bulletin board.


how to create a vision board (vision board)

Where to Start

If you’re new to making a vision board, it might feel like you’re printing off a bunch of nice pictures without rhyme or reason.  I found that the best way to keep the board from being all about vacation or mansions is to work with a few categories.  I read about these key categories a while back, and it seems it is becoming more prevalent in helping to define goals.

How to make a vision board (vision board)
Key Area’s Printable


Printables with a purpose!

You can use the above printable to help guide you in making your board, or you can take it a step further and use it to help you create meaningful goals.  It’s amazing that as human beings we all have the same basic needs.  If you take each category and score it from 1-10, you’ll find out exactly which areas you’ll need to improve on to feel better all around.

how to make a vision board (vision board)
Key Areas Score Card-Printable

Mindful Goals

After you print out the above key areas scorecard, take time to consider how you would score each category.  If you’re pretty happy with a category then you’d circle a higher number.  In most cases, I find that I am usually a 9 or 10 in things that tend to be more natural to me, and I score myself lower on things that are not in my nature.  By using this method, your goals and plans will have purpose.  Your choices and decisions for the upcoming year/season of your life will have intention.

how to create a vision board (vision board)
Action with purpose

Start Building

Once you have all of your categories marked, start envisioning what it would look like to have a 9 or 10 in most categories.  Search for an image that resembles your vision of each goal.  Little by little, your vision board will start to come together.  You’ll also know which areas are the weakest and need the most attention.  Since I created my board digitally, I was able to place text over my pictures.  This is helpful for a few reasons.  1.  I am able to see each vision and title of what I want to achieve. 2. It made it easier to combine a few categories.  3. Printing a copy for my planner and my bulletin board made this a gamechanger.


how to create a vision board (vision board)
My roaring 20’s vision board

Sharing is Caring!

I would love to hear all about your goals for next year, tag me with your vision board, or post in the comments!  If you know of someone that is working on their vision board, send them this post.  Heres to a big new year!!

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