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Gave Birth
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This week’s guest is none other than my amazingly talented sister in law Eden. Shortly after gave birth, she discovered that there was a space in the market, waiting for her passion and innovation to come to life.

Eden Laurin Nyssa Care (Gave Birth)

She is an expert at taking ideas and turning them into successful products. I honestly feel like I could do an entire month of episodes on all of her innovations.

Nyssa Fourthwear Ice Pack (Gave Birth)

I love that Nyssa identified the desires of their ideal customers early on. It’s no coincidence that they happen to line up with the issues that Eden, Mia, and Aubrey were collectively facing as new moms.

Eden Mia Aubrey Nyssa Care (Gave Birth)

If you can identify a gap in the market, you can confirm that there is a need for change, and you can rally the desire and motivation to create a solution that my friend will guarantee you’ll find a place and purpose in your new field.

Fourthwear Packaging (Gave Birth)

It won’t come without its challenges, but what can be more rewarding than knowing that your courage to create is solving a problem?

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