Getting SMART with Your Goals

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Thank you for tuning in to episode 104! Today’s short and sweet episode is a quick reminder of how to set goals, not just any goals, smart goals.

Since we’re just about to start a new month, I feel there’s no better time to dive into smart goals. When I think about the goals that I set and achieve, they tend always to be smart goals. So let’s take a look at what smart goals mean. Each letter in the word smart represents a specific thing that your goal must have for it to be 100% attainable.

S stands for being specific. Take your time and consider what you’re trying to achieve with your goal. If I say I want to grow my business, I need to add a number to that. The same goes for weight loss or any other goal you might have. Be very specific.
M stands for measurable. What will your measuring stick be? How will you know that you’ve made progress? I could say that losing x number of pounds per week is a good measure.

A is for attainable. Are the numbers that you’re shooting for attainable? Look at the history of your business or personal achievements and make sure that you’re goal is not so big that you’re skipping over a few milestones to get there.

R stands for relevant. How will this goal change or improve you or your business? This is really your why. How is this goal going to impact your personal life or business?

T is for time-bound. By when do you want to achieve your goal?

Once you’ve dissected your goal into these five categories, you should write a very specific sentence about the goal you would like to achieve. If it seems like your goal is still too difficult to accomplish by a specific time, it could mean that you need to break the goal up even further.

It’s completely okay to take a bit longer to achieve your goal than to abandon the idea. I hope this will help you create some powerful goals! Let me know what you think.



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