From Singing to Business-Lessons From a Soprano

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Opera House on the Handmade CEO podcast

 I feel like we’ve all had a belief in our life at some point or another that we’re just not talented in a specific area. Sometimes we leave that belief unchecked.


conquering labels and finding success

We continue with life carrying around that label and telling ourselves and everyone that crosses our path that we are challenged at writing, speaking, singing, drawing, math, etc.


Egita’s story and journey will have you reconsidering these labels as she describes her journey into music and teaching others the joy of singing.


Soprano Voice Coach and Performer


After speaking with Egita, I began to think about the labels that we all carry around. Maybe some shortfalls are not a big deal, but if you’re ready to put that label aside, look for a talented teacher like Egita to help you improve your skills.

What talent will you focus on learning this month?



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