From Passion Project to Thriving Business

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Thriving Business
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I’m so eager for you to hear Elise’s story on how she started her thriving business Desert Accents. 

Thriving Business

Although her business is only several months old, she has had a good amount of sales on Etsy and a loyal following on social media.  If you’ve ever struggled to get your shop off on the right foot, be sure to take notes on Elise’s steady approach to business.

Thriving Business

Elise is a shining example of what it looks like to take a passion and create a business from it. In just a few months she has been able to create a thriving business.

Thriving Business

I think what has made this possible is her ability to define a niche and most importantly to stick to it.  The quality of her work also shows through in her beautiful pictures! Thriving Business

Elise is offering 20%off of her shop at Etsy with code ILOVEPODCASTS

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Be sure to follow Elise on social media to stay up-to-date on sales and new products!

IG and Pinterest – @desert_accents


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