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Kellie Okonek-Adventure Coach
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Kellie Okonek-Adventure Coach

Thank you for tuning in to episode 70!


I’m so excited for you to hear all about the journey that guided Kellie into becoming a coach. She’s an expert at all things Alaska and has a gift for making a connection between overcoming struggles and achieving growth with the help of nature. If you’ve been looking for a coach that’s an expert at adventure, you’re in for a treat!

Kellie Okonek-Adventure Coach

Whether you’re looking for a coach or maybe even considering being one, there are so many options.


I love that Kellie has developed an experience-based approach.

The more times you’re able to find your way through or past an obstacle, the more you can remember the pattern to success. It may not always look the way you intended, but the key is to reflect on the outcome and appreciate it as growth.

Kellie Okonek-Adventure Coach

It’s far too easy to blow right past a goal or obstacle in pursuit of the next milestone, but with the right amount of pause and reflection, our brains begin to grow in confidence and in trusting that we can find our way through anything.

Kellie Okonek-Adventure Coach



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