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Can your trauma become your inspiration? In today’s episode, Rachel shares how she’s been able to overcome painful events while growing her new business.

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Rachel’s story is full of inspiration, strength, and great advice. Although she’s new to her art, she’s already making an impact in both her clients’ lives and those who get to hear her story. I love that Rachel discovered her talent after going through a difficult time.

Chessie Goes Wild Art Coupon

Her concussion and resulting disability led her to find her talent in epoxy art and painting. I was most impressed with Rachel’s transparency and amazing ability to develop strength from trauma. In life, we have the choice to take our challenges and turn them into stepping stones.

Chessie Goes Wild Art

We all love these types of stories. So…when faced with a difficult situation, let’s remember to be the hero that prevails. I’m so happy that you were able to hear Rachel’s inspirational journey! I love bringing you these stories and sharing the wisdom in both life and business.

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Click here and here for a glimpse of Rachel’s work.

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