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printable monthly calendar

Do you keep track of your goals on paper or your phone?  If I think back to the last month, I start to wonder what it is that I did all month!?!  When I look back at my planner, I feel relieved to see that I did a whole lotta crazy great stuff.  Since we’re only 3 days into the new month, I suggest you take a look back and see how your month went and what you could do better for this month.  Pick a monthly goal and let’s start planning!!!

Month in Review (printable monthly calendar)

Once you’ve decided what goals you want to achieve this month, break it down into tiny bite-sized daily tasks. Each day I take a new mini task and complete it.  I try to always do three things per day that help me reach my printable monthly calendar goal.  Everything else falls under the columns of things to do, but only once I finish my top three priorities.

monthly review (printable monthly calendar)

In order to make a change this month, you need to start changing something!  Crazy and profound right?  The best way to break your habits down is to write down your daily activities for one week straight.  I know not every week will be the same, but try to complete 5 days worth to see if you find any patterns.  The biggest changes will most likely have a tiny bit of resistance attached to them.   In other words…you won’t want to change them.

Once you have your daily activities and habits written down, try to see what items are preventing you from getting the big things done.  What items are taking up a lot of your time with little results?  The biggest habit that I changed this year was not looking at my phone until I was done with my morning routine use printable monthly calendar.  This means that the alarm goes off and I start my day with a workout or I get straight to work on my orders.

month end review how to (printable monthly calendar)
working on orders & listening to a podcast

I also added a few things to my daily schedule that I didn’t want to forget to do every day.  I find this useful in helping me stay on track with things like walking, drinking enough water, learning something new, reading, etc.  Here’s my monthly review A5 page.  This page has a lot of personalized information, so I’ll give you another page that is a little more generic.

Monthly Review A5 Size (printable monthly calendar)
Monthly Review A5 Size

If there are some new habits that you want to create, I highly recommend you print out a list to check off/fill out every day.  This way you can scan over your list and make sure you take care of these new habits whenever possible.  I have a list of 13 things that I try to do every day.  I never found time to do any of these things before because they were easily forgotten.  By adding them to my daily schedule, I now make them a priority.

month in review free printable (printable monthly calendar)
Month in review-free printable

This A5 page is perfect to help you keep track of what you did well last month and what you can improve for the next month.  If you don’t use an A5 planner, just select “fit to page” before printing.  Let me know if you found this printable helpful or if you want to see a different type of printable.  I would love to hear how your monthly review and planning is going, be sure to send me a message or comment.

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