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email and e-commerce essentials
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email and e-commerce essentials

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If email and e-commerce are not your specialties, today’s guest is here to help! Jessica not only shares some valuable tips for email marketing, but she also has an amazing story of how she got into running her own e-commerce business.

Jessica Totillo

I’ve heard plenty of people tell me that they don’t like their current 9-5, but honestly…you don’t have to like it! I love that Jessica took the time she had at her past job and learned as much as possible from the experts. When it was time to create her own business, she was already ahead of the game

Don’t let your current situation keep you from learning and developing. It’s also completely okay and definitely recommended that you start your side hustle while you’re still at your 9-5. This way, you’re not putting all of the pressure on your new project to be a massive moneymaker straight away!

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