E-Learning Platforms For Small Business and Staying Sane During Covid-19

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Hello, my lovely friends!  I’ve heard it said that at this time, you’ve basically won the “time lottery”.  We have been given a great opportunity to slow down and focus on our self-improvement.  Whether it’s your own growth and discovery or the revamping of your e-learning platforms for small business now may be the best time to embrace those things that you have been putting off.

Small Business, E-learning, and Staying Sane During the Covid-19 Crisis

Today we are focusing on episode 7!  On this show, I’ll discuss some simple steps to take to make sure you’re ready for the next few months with your e-learning platforms for small business.  You’ll also learn a few tips that helped me through my homeschooling journey of six years.  I know that being an e-learning teacher may not have been something that you thought you’d ever be, but I love that everyone is getting the chance to try it.  In time you’ll look back at the “forced” homeschooling time and see the incredible bond that you’ve created with your “students.”  Let’s also keep in mind that they are learning to deal with change, conflict, and difficult times through your example.

Lastly, in episode 7, I go over some of the perks of creating a e-learning platforms for small business.  Although it may seem like the time to focus on other things, I strongly urge you to take the time to consider that small business idea.

If you would like to learn a new skill, fine-tune your hobby, or need to keep your new homeschooling buddies busy, consider trying Skillshare!  They’re offering a 2-month free trial.  I looooove Skillshare.  I have been a student for several years, and I also have a course on how to create Fake Cakes!

How to Make a Fake Cake
My class on Skillshare

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me and for listening to my podcast.  I love that you’re growing your mind, learning more about small business, and committing to improving who you are every day!  Together we will all get through this and I know that many of you will come out ahead with a new business venture…I can’t wait to hear all about it!


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