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struggling with perfection
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struggling with perfection

Thank you for tuning in to episode 87!

In today’s solo episode, we’ll take a look at perfection and the trouble with being ever so perfect! This little word robs us of so much, and it isn’t just in business. It bleeds into every aspect of life and even gives us a great excuse to bow out of relationships, partnerships, and entrepreneurship.

So if you’ve felt like things are almost perfect, and you’re waiting for that moment until you do X, Y, or Z, let’s make a shift to finding what we need instead of what we expect.

In all the success stories that seem to unfold before our eyes, we rarely stop to wonder what the secret sauce was that delivered a thriving business. Sure, we might hear of the ups and downs, but the magic lies behind all of that. The same goes for those power relationships that leave us wondering where our perfect partner is hiding! Again, we may know that there are fights and disagreements, but what’s behind all of that that makes it work?

I think we all fall in love with the idea of everything unfolding in a specific way, with as few bumps as possible. The book of business and relationships that we tend to write is a pick your own adventure series that is full of nothing but successful outcomes. I completely agree that we must be optimistic, but let’s take a look at the reality. If things start to go off course, our perfect expectation starts to crumble. In those moments, you are forced to see your life, business, or relationship for what it is. So, before you find yourself in this situation, take a look at your expectations for perfection. The problems are going to happen. It’s more or less a matter of picking the person that you want to duke it out. It’s about starting a business that you’re so passionate about that you are willing to swim upstream when necessary. Let me share something that I think illustrates the point well.

James Clear has the most amazing newsletter. A few weeks ago, he published an excerpt on relationships from the poet Yung Pueblo. I loved it so much and thought it was perfect for sharing with you today. It does talk about relationships, but honestly, you can take this mindset and apply it to anything that you find you’re expecting perfection out of.

Here it goes…

“Find a partner who is ready to build with you.
It is not about finding perfection in another person. It is about realizing when you come across an undeniable connection that nourishes your being and matches the type of support you are looking for. Getting lost in the idea of perfection is a hindrance. Being with someone committed to going through the ups and downs of life together is truly priceless.
When two people embrace their imperfections and commit to growing into better versions of themselves, it will naturally enhance the happiness they share in the relationship.”

Although the focus is on relationships, I think that Pueblo illustrates the fault in our vision. So often, we think it’s about finding the perfect thing, whether it’s a person, creating the perfect course, the perfect business, etc. The quest should be to find the one you want to struggle with, whether business or a person. The main focus should be on “finding the connection that nourishes your being.” If we shift from wanting perfection to embracing faults, I’m pretty sure we will start to understand that faults and pitfalls are part of the deal. Some struggles are more challenging than others, but we’re selling ourselves short if we continue to look for perfection. After all, we are imperfect people.

Looking back in episode 85, Anthony explains that there will be issues while being a landlord. The idea is to understand that problems will exist and learn to navigate your way to a solution. Anthony has found that the preconceived notion of being a landlord keeps many potential property owners from learning more about the profession. Learn all there is to know and then decide if it’s for you. Again, the goal should be to find the connection between your natural abilities and your business.

In episode 84, LeeAnne explains that we each have our own unique relationship with money. Most of the ideals that we have surrounding finances were developed when we were very young. It goes without saying that when two people get together, whether as business partners or as a couple, there will be differences in their ideal or perfect financial situation. It isn’t about finding the person who shares the same vision as you, but rather finding the way to compromise for the greater good of the partnership. If you’re a solopreneur, it’s equally important to analyze your financial goals and try to find out exactly why you have this goal. Sometimes we carry someone else’s idea of wealth as our vision of financial perfection.

We rarely stop to question the blessings and amazing things we have in our lives, but we unquestionably come to a screeching halt and wonder “why me” when things are not going as expected. I challenge you to find the “why not” in your questioning and to see if maybe the idea of “why me” stems from expecting perfection. There’s a lot of power that comes from deciding on a business, a partner, or your next venture in life, but the true power lies in the rock-solid decision to work things out. And as Pueblo said, “the idea of perfection is a hindrance.”

Well, there you have it, my friend, another short and sweet solo show filled with love and inspiration for you! Thank you for tuning in and sharing this show. I appreciate you beyond words. Let me know what you’re working on, struggling with, or your wins! You can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or at handmadeceo.com!

I’ll see you next time!


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