Do You Know Your Work Style?

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Do You Know Your Work Style?
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Do You Know Your Work Style?

Thank you for tuning in to episode 82! In today’s solo show, I’d like to focus on work style. I don’t mean style in terms of clothing. I’m referring to the personality and qualities that make up your natural work style. At times you might feel like the stars have aligned, and a particular project is the epitome of fun. Other times it might feel like a project is sucking the life out of you. Ever wonder why? It might just be because you’re naturally inclined to some tasks more than others. Let’s take a look at the different styles to figure out what makes you a great business owner and what tasks you might consider outsourcing!

Let’s first go over what your work style means. It’s really just a preference of how you like to complete and organize your work. Knowing your work style will help you be more productive. It allows you to focus on the talents you are most gifted at while helping you to understand how to collaborate with others. After all, anyone that you outsource to should also be working in their zone of genius. I know it might sound like utopia, but just imagine handing off a task that you’ve been dreading to someone that feels that they were uniquely created to complete it for you! That is the power of knowing your style, your team member’s style, and knowing your weakness. In life and in business, I believe that knowing your weaknesses can be one of your biggest strengths!

The first work style I’ll dive into is Idea-oriented. The words associated with this style are pioneers, leaders, big-picture. Anyone that falls into this category is great at inspiring others to believe in their idea, and they have endless ideas that seem to be popping up in their mind! They thrive on obstacles and see a way to turn them into opportunities. The biggest pitfall of this work style is that the small details, follow-up, and daily tasks tend to be less appealing.

The second work style is Detail-oriented. The words associated with this style are learners, strategic, organized, and of course, detail-oriented. These qualities are super important since it creates the structure needed to accomplish a goal. They thrive on being very calculated with their approach to a new situation. The biggest pitfall of this work style is that the small details can cause analysis paralysis.

The third work style is Logical. The words associated with this style are doers and analyzers. These qualities are excellent if you have a long list that needs to get tackled. Logical workers are up for always up for a challenge. The biggest pitfall with this work style is that sometimes completing a task is more important than planning the small details.

The fourth work style is Supportive or Integrator. The words associated with this style are emotional, expressive, and supportive. When supportive is the key work style, you’ll find that integrating people and tasks are super important. The biggest pitfall with this work style is that they tend to value collaboration more than anything else.

Don’t worry if you’re not entirely one or the other. It’s possible to be a combination. I know I’m primarily Idea-oriented and, secondly, Logical. As you can see, the small details tend to fall between the cracks. I resort to Justen for his Detail-oriented approach to business, which is an excellent quality for a banker! Being a solopreneur or small business owner can be incredibly difficult because you tend to have to juggle all four styles. When this it the case, it’s best to find tricks and rewards to get you to be most successful at completing unwanted tasks. I like to have small rewards as a treat. In time you’ll be able to pass the buck and focus on the things that light you up.

Take the time to consider which style seems to describe you best. Once you’ve determined the style that is most you, look at the tasks you need to do daily and see which ones fall outside of your style. These are the tasks that you should tackle as soon as possible when you’re energy is high if you’re a solopreneur. If you’re able to outsource these tasks, then definitely do. It will feel like a weight off of your shoulders to have to do less of something you dislike doing. 

There are also many great quizzes available for anyone who wants to dive a bit deeper into personality tests. Here’s the link for the Myers-Briggs/16 personalities test! Let me know if you take the test. I’m an INTJ! 

I always find it odd that answering a few seemingly obscure questions can reveal your personality type! 

Thank you so much for tuning in, subscribing, and for leaving a review! I’m so grateful for you!I’ll see you next time!


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