Do Vision Boards Really Work?

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Do Vision Boards Work?
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Do Vision Boards Work?

In today’s episode, I’m going to focus on a topic that never gets old…goal setting. Whether it’s the beginning of the year, month, day, or even hour, I like to have a clear idea of what lies ahead. If you set goals but tend to lose interest in them or get distracted, I’m going to break down a few simple ways to stay on track and I’ll have a fresh new tip next month! Today’s episode will focus on vision boards!


Okay, okay, some of you might think that vision boards are all about pretty pictures and manifesting. Although they can be that, they can also be an accurate reflection of what lies inside your heart and what you’re aiming to improve.An effective vision board needs to be used alongside the 10 areas of life. That’s how I have been creating my vision boards, and I believe it works the best this way!If you’ve never heard of the 10 areas of life, don’t get discouraged. I’ll go over all of that, along with some examples.So yes, vision boards can and do work, but you need to have the right formula. First, you’ll want to start with the key areas of life.


The basic idea is to rate the general areas of life from 1-10. You’ll want to give each area a score. I like to revisit this list each month and rate them again to see my next set of goals. Often, we don’t hit the mark when it comes to achieving happiness because we neglect the areas of life that are most lacking.So what are the key areas? The areas you’ll want to rate are health, romance, faith, mental, finances, personal growth, home, hobbies, purpose, and friends or family.

The idea isn’t to say which one is the best from 1-10; instead, each one will get a score depending on how you feel you’re doing in that category.For example, if I think that I’m doing great with my health, I would rate that a 9 or 10. I may also say that I’m doing great in my hobbies…so that too would get a 10. Maybe I would rate romance as a 3. That doesn’t mean that I’m ready for counseling; it does mean that I feel like that area could use a little more improvement. If you’re single and you love it, your romance category would be a 9 or 10.Once you’ve rated each section, you’ll want to plan your goals accordingly.


Take a look at the areas that you scored the lowest and develop goals to improve those numbers. Download, clip, or sketch out your vision board, so it reflects your ideal vision for each category.

There are plenty of people creating goals and achieving them and still feeling like they’re empty. Why is that? Often it’s because their focus is too heavily based on one of life’s central areas. We are complex people, and we can’t find joy if only one area out of the ten is scoring highly. You’ve heard of the artist, musician, or actor that seemingly has everything but is unhappy. They’re likely only doing well in one or two categories.

This is why it’s so important to be clear on what you’re craving to improve before you set out to achieve your goals.



Once you’ve created your list of key areas and you’ve rated each category, it’s now time to make a vision board.

I like to keep mine in my office, and I print out a mini version to put in my planner. A vision board should serve as a daily visual reminder of your goals for the year or month. I love to use Canva to create my board; this way, I can easily print it as an 8×10 or 6×8 for my planner. If you find that you want to create a new board each month, you’ll have an easy enough time swapping out pictures if you start out digital.



What should you include on your board? I first create an area that has a title for my board. I put mine in the top left corner of the page. This is the perfect place for your word of the year or month. I wrote “Focus on Being Intentional” on mine. The squares surrounding my title include images of the ten key areas that I want to improve. I then type a simple phrase over each picture that reminds me of what I want to do that year or month.

Remember…this is just a guideline, and you can work with this to make your vision board something that is motivating to you.



I would love to hear your thoughts on creating and achieving goals, and make sure to let me know if you used this method! Send me a message, or better yet, take a snapshot of your vision board and tag me at #handmadeceo. I would love to see what your goals are!

Don’t forget that you can start and create a goal at any given moment. I only wanted to start at the beginning of the month, then I thought, why not at the start of a week? I then realized each day is a new opportunity, and when things get hectic, and I don’t create my new monthly goal until mid-month…guess what…I survive, and I find a way of getting my goal done by month’s end. I know you can do it too!

Tune in next week for another fun episode, and stay tuned for a mini-course on vision board and key areas! I’ll see you next time!


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