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In today’s show, Robby shares his journey into the specialty liqueur business. His creativity and desire to provide superior products have paved the way for all of his endeavors. Finding his passion in all things creative, Robby’s ambition is truly inspiring!

Creating the Recipe


Through passion, curiosity, and determination, Robby is improving an industry that, in many ways, has been unchanged for ages.

Creating the Recipe


I love that Robby’s journey started here in Chicago as a valet. In a short amount of time, he found himself working at a bar observing and learning.

Aronia Spritz-Apologue


This small change in environment was all it took to spark Robby’s desire to create natural, unique, and responsibly sourced liqueurs.

When you make quality your minimum requirement…you’re destined to make great things!

Creating the Recipe


Recently Robby has teamed up with Chicago’s iconic Big Star restaurant to help develop a canned margarita. You can find this tasty treat at Foxtrot Markets, Binny’s, and some Whole Foods locations.


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