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Watercolor Business
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In episode 9 of the Handmade CEO, you’ll meet a New York watercolor artist Yeesan Loh.

I’m not sure if this has ever happened to you, but I just fell head over heels for an illustrated calendar featuring breakfast foods.  

Creating a Booming Watercolor Business (Watercolor Business)

As I dug deep into the beautiful paintings of today’s guest, I realized that it’s her style that I adore.  I love the nostalgic feel and look of her artwork.  Yeesan has a way of capturing single elements of life in a way that brings back memories.

Creating a Booming Watercolor Business (Watercolor Business)

I love that Yeesan shares her talent by teaching others to approach art at their comfort level.  From teaching how to illustrate to learning the basics of watercolor business, it’s a gift to be able to learn from such an amazing artist.Creating a Booming Watercolor Business

To see more visit her at www.yeesan.com

To purchase her artwork and receive 10% off, use code HMCEO10 during  the month of April at www.yeesanloh.etsy.com

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