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I’m guessing we’ve all heard about this mysterious thing called coaching. I know I’ve had a few burning questions about this topic. Let me know if any of these resonate with you.  Do I need a coach? Why can’t I figure this out on my own? If this or that person did it without a coach, why can’t I? I’ve always wanted more information about coaching, but I kind of felt like I would have to commit if I asked even one question. I’m guessing you might have had the same feeling…that’s why I’m eager to share today’s episode with you.

Meet the coach

I interviewed Maria on her coaching career, and we discussed what it’s like to sit in a session, what you can expect to get out of a session, and precisely who it’s for and how to pick a good future coach. At first, we discuss how Maria became involved in coaching, and about halfway through, we discuss something that was mind-blowing. It really makes me want to reexamine my strengths, because it may be in those strengths that I find my weakness…just wait until you get to that part! I’m sure you’ll be blown away too!  

Life Coach Maria Hampvent (future coach)

My Aha Moment

A huge take away from this interview was Maria’s explanation of where our strength originates from. She said that we earn badges of honor through trauma. If that’s the case and we grow stronger, the odds are good that as we develop strength as a coping mechanism that sometimes our armor becomes one dimensional. It makes so much sense to speak to a professional about your goals, and through their talented ability to discover who you are, you’ll also discover the hurdles that have been standing in your way. Hurdles that might have served you in one aspect of life, but hindered you in achieving the big picture.

future coach

Maria’s Offer

Maria is offering a free session and has developed an assessment which includes a one on one session to discover your unique alignment with your abundance profile. And for the entrepreneurs out there, she’s also developed a helpful excel document to start your bookkeeping off on the right track.

future coach

Book your first free session here

Book your free assessment and one-on-one session here 

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Thank you for stopping by and for tuning in!  Here’s the link to get 10% off at Willow and Bee.

future coach

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