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paleo diet and traveling...it is possible!
Chapultepec Castle | Mexico City


I’m a small business owner, podcaster, and teacher at heart, living in the midwest with my husband Justen and two kids Ethan and Nadia.  I love ALL things creative, travel, and paleo!  

I created my business, Willow and Bee, in 2007.  This small business started with selling jewelry to friends and family, to now selling at boutiques and national retailer Von Maur.  A few years ago, I was still homeschooling my kids and loving every moment.  I should’ve known from the many “how-to” parties that I would have with Nadia and friends, that teaching was in my bones.  My Abuela Raquel had a passion for educating, and I’m pretty sure it was directly passed on to me!  It’s through this small business journey and my love of teaching that Handmade CEO was born.  

 Learn | Teach | Grow

A big passion of mine is helping others, especially when it comes to starting their own online business. When I first started selling jewelry, I knew I needed to scale my business by getting my pieces online, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that.  Step by step, I started learning and selling my items on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, boutiques, and also nationally through Von Maur. It has been a long and exciting road that began in 2007, I continue learning every day.  So if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by your own desire to grow (or start) a business, I’m here for you!  It’s been a blessing to our family to own a small business, and I would love to encourage and inspire others to take that leap of faith and give it a try too.  Whether you’re a stay at home mom or working full time, I completely understand the need to juggle work and home life…and I believe it’s okay and possible to do both.  To hear more about my journey with Willow and Bee, and other inspirational stories, tune in to my weekly podcast the Handmade CEO.

What You’ll Find Here

A journal devoted to learning, teaching, and growing. You’ll find inspiration and information to help motivate you to chase after those big dreams!  What I love most about sharing these posts, is that you’ll be able to try the things that have worked for me, while cutting out some trial and error (and tears)!    There is always something to learn through the many lessons that life, books, and chaos have to offer. I know we will have fun creating and learning together!




P.S.  I would love to hear from you!  Please be sure to leave a comment and connect with me at Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest