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Reaching your potential

Thank you for tuning in to episode 73!


Have you ever considered that the goals and dreams that we pursue only fulfill one aspect of who we are?


In today’s episode Manesha shares her holistic approach to guiding clients to a happy place of alignment.


As a bonus, we talk a bit about yoga. I’m not sure about you, but I, for one, love the physical practice of yoga, and after this conversation, I’ve come to understand it like never before.

Lifestyle Coach

So often, achieving a goal feels empty because we expected that everything will line up for us spiritually and emotionally once we reached a certain milestone.



It makes all the sense in the world to approach our happiness with a broader lens and work on the parts and pieces that make up who we are.

If we approach our joy in this manner, we will uncover the blocks that keep us stuck.

Be sure to visit Manesha’s site and take advantage of her free guided meditation offer.

I’ll see you next time!




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